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Time Management While Studying at VU

Time Management While Studying at VU

There are only 24 hours in your day, just the same as everybody else's. So how do you end up frustrated, angry, behind in your work, and dead on your feet? Why you can't be able to finish your today's in a day? Why

Are you needy for assignments when assignments are uploaded on your VULMS and if nobody will send you his/her assignment then you got 0 score? Why some one got A grade in all subjects and some one got D or F grade?

Maybe this is because you don't know how to use those 24 hours to your advantage. How to get benefit from 24 hours.

It is impossible to give you a day of 36 hours but it is quite possible for us that try to tell you how you can use your 24 hours in proper a way. Follow the following steps:

Manage your time:

If using your time wisely is a problem for you, you probably don't have a very good idea of where it all goes. It just seems to go! A good place to start, then, is to keep track of how you use your time. Get a Weekly schedule (available in the VULMS) and faithfully keep track of how you use your waking hours for one week. The results will probably surprise you.

For example I am MBA student I have 6 subjects to studying in my semester ,I am also doing job some where , I am also like to do chat with friends . Like everybody I have a family in my home so I should give proper time to my family too. I think we all have these tasks in our lives. and We all should have to do these all.

How we can do study properly?

Now comes our vu studies. As we all know VU facilitates us so much. We don't need to go any class room properly, we can take our lectures anytime. 2nd its studies is very easy than other universities.

How we should study ?

Here in VU 6 subjects means 6 * 3 = 18 credit hour. It means we have to study only 18 hours in a week or you can say only 3 hours in a day. I think mange only 3 hours for studies is not a big task. Well some people mange their 3 hours daily for studies but they complained they cant understand properly in an hour because they take only lecture but in only 1 hour they can't take all things like if they only take video lecture then when they go through handouts? or when they can touch their text and other recommended books? If there is no need to do all these helping material then why vu recommend these?

I want to answer those people . Actually our VU is kind as our fathers, that's why it always try to help students. If a student properly go through a lecture handout or take VU video lecture care fully, then there is no chance to failure but as I already told that VU is so kind that's why it recommend us some books for our help that if we face any difficulty after taking video lecture or going trough handouts then we can get some help from books.


The next step is to pick up several more of these Weekly Schedules and do some planning. You'll discover, among other things, that if you get seven hours sleep at night, and if you spend 18 hours on VU studies then you have 101 hours per week to do everything you need to do. That, of course, includes eating, chatting, social activities, job, student organizations/groups, telephone and TV time, etc. Be sure to schedule time for all these in your 101 hours. Then try sticking to your schedule for a week.
This should give you a good idea of where your real priorities are!


If you have trouble, chances are there's a culprit lurking somewhere, dodging your every move. Chances are this culprit's name is Procrastination. Procrastination masquerades in a million disguises. Among the more common of these are:

"One more day won't make any difference; I'll just put that off until tomorrow."

"It won't matter if I'm a few minutes late; no one else will be on time."

"I can't start on this paper until I know just how I want the first paragraph to read."

"I work best under pressure."

"I'll watch just 15 more minutes of TV."

"I'll take my lecture tomorrow instead of today."

Fill in the blank:"____________________."


Learn to say NO once your priorities are set. Turning down an invitation doesn't mean you'll never be asked to do something again. Weigh the consequences. Making a decision based on what you know is best for you at the time, leads to greater respect from your friends, not to a reputation as a party-pooper.

Stay away from the telephone when you're trying to get work done. If it's really important, they'll call back. Try to say sorry when you are taking lecture and your friends want to interrupt you by doing chat.

Schedule / Plan Ahead:

Use a monthly calendar to help you allocate your study time on the Weekly Schedule. At the beginning of each quarter, spend some time with your calendar to enter all important dates. As you receive course syllabous, enter the dates for quizzes, papers, etc., on your calendar. Then estimate the time needed to prepare for each of these. If you stick to this schedule, you'll amaze yourself by having the paper finished. The rule-of-thumb is "Plan ahead by working backwards."

By counting backwards like this, you'll be surprised how well you're using your time and how much better your grade will be when you're not under pressure. And, by being really honest with yourself and taking account of all your priorities, you'll be able to do chat with your friends and not feel guilty.

At the start of each week, transfer important items from your calendar to your Weekly Schedule. This helps you to avoid things that might otherwise sneak upon you.

Be sure to schedule time for your fitness routine and for study breaks. Your brain works best when it has sufficient oxygen. Your concentration is enhanced when you go hard at a task until you feel yourself fading. Then Break! A good rule-of-thumb is to work for 50 minutes and then break for 10. But watch yourself! More than 10 minutes is more than a break!

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success is also depend how you use your time  

Comment by Maria Khan on August 24, 2011 at 8:55am
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very good sharing.

if we follow this is very beneficial to us.

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