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Report A Bad Chat In Chat Room

Report A Bad Chat In Chat Room

Several times I have been reported that some users are using very bad/abusive/vulgar language in Chat Room with other users and mostly with female users. As this is not possible for VUDESK Team to keep an eye on all the users, so we have decided to give a reward of Chat Ruler to the user who ever reports a bad/abusive chat of a user.

One thing I want to make clear that the Chat messages are saved for the last 24 hours and only I (the Admin) can view them. Since its not possible for me to read all the chat history on daily basis (approx. 4,000 to 5,000 messages per day), so I'll appreciate if you report me of any misbehave in Chat Room and as a reward I will give you Chat Ruler reward.

I hope all this will make things easier for you.

The protocol to report a user is that:

- Copy all the chat messages between you and the other user and send me a Private Message and paste the chat messages in there. DO NOT paste the chat message in this forum, just send me a message if you need to report.

- I will verify the messages with the chat history saved for last 24 hours and who ever is responsible for all the situation will be punished accordingly. In most cases I will ban the account plus IP of that user and he/she will not be allowed to join the site again.

Please also note that:

- Bad chat means that some one has used abusive or vulgar language. Fight between two users is not included in bad chat, so instead of reporting me try to solve it yourself and can report me in extreme cases with all the chat messages by sending me a Private Message.

- As many users are trying to cheat with the site , I am sure they will also try to get by creating such a situation and then reporting me that user. I make it very clear that I will Ban both the accounts right away, who ever is trying to cheat.

A useful tip...

If some one is bothering you in Chat Room, you can ignore that user. Just click on that user's name in the right side of the chat room and select View Profile, on their profile click on the Block Messages. This will block all future messages and invitations from this person. You will not see any of his/her message again. You can Unblock Messages that user.





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