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BS (Computer Science)


The Department of Computer Science offers a two-year program leading to an MCS (Master of Computer Science) degree. The program is designed specially for Bachelor graduates who wish to enter this highly exciting and challenging field to meet the growing need of computer science experts in the rapidly evolving 21st century economy. The program provides graduated will with a strong technological base that will enable them to capitalize on the increasing career opportunities in this sector. This specialization provides a highly demanded expertise, great mobility and flexibility, and an impressive range of possible career choices in the industry.


It is two-year full time study program spread over four semesters. Each semester has at least 18 weeks duration for teaching and examination etc.

Admission Criteria

Bachelor degree from a recognized university/ institute in any of the following subject: Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Commerce, Statistics, Economics, Engineering. Candidate must have at least 45% marks in the graduation degree.

(Note: Candidates who have not studied any one of the required above-mentioned subjects in their graduation are eligible for MCS admission provided they firstly qualify four courses namely Introduction to Computing, Business Mathematics & Statistics, Calculus & Analytical Geometry, and English Comprehension by taking a deficiency semester. Such candidates will complete the degree requirements in at least five semesters and will not stand eligible for merit certificates.

However, candidates having less than 45% marks will be eligible for admission after successful completion of “Zero Semester”.


(a) Fee structure for students within Pakistan:

Tuition fee rates are fixed and are independent of the number of courses being taught in one semester. Security, Admission and Registration fee are charged once at the start of the first semester. The remaining charges are payable monthly. Security fee is refundable on completion of degree or in case of withdrawal from the University under rules.

Admission Fee

Rs. 3,500 one time

Registration Fee

Rs. 2,000 one time


Rs. 5,000 (one time, refundable)

Tuition Fee/credit hour

Rs. 750

Enrollment Fee/Semester Rs. 1000

Admission Processing Fee

Rs. 200 (Online admission)/ Rs. 50 (on purchased VU admission Form)

NOTE: Fee payable at the time of admission is Rs. 10,700 (includes admission fee, registration fee, and security deposit) plus admission processing fee.

(b) Fee structure for Pakistani students abroad:

Pakistani students abroad should deposit fee through FTT (Foreign Telegraph Transfer) or bank draft inclusive of Bank charges that is minimum up to $15 per transaction.

Admission Fee & Registration Fee

US$110 one time

Enrollment Fee/Semester US$15

Tuition Fee/credit hour


NOTE: Fee payable at the time of admission is $110 (includes admission fee, registration fee and enrolment fee).


The students’ study progress evaluation mechanism is based on continuous assessment throughout semester by giving assignments, on-line quizzes, Graded Moderated Discussion Boards (GMDBs), mid-term and final-term exams. The mid-term and final-term exams are conducted at VU’s designated exam centers and usually count 80 to 85% of the total marks of a course.


To be eligible for the award of degree of Master of Computer Science (MCS) students are required to complete courses amounting to at least 72 credit hours with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.30 out of 4.00.


The scheme of studies for MCS program is outlined as under. The courses may be revised from time to time as a result of continuous review to bring them at par with courses being taught at top-class foreign universities. While reviewing the courses needs of local industry and job market are also given full consideration.

View Study Scheme of Master of Computer Science

Masters (MCS)
Semester NO 1
Course Code Title Type Credit Hours
CS201 Introduction to Programming Required 3
CS402 Theory of Automata Required 3
CS601 Data Communication Required 3
ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Required 3
MTH202 Discrete Mathematics Required 3
STA301 Statistics and Probability Required 3
Semester NO 2
Course Code Title Type Credit Hours
CS301 Data Structures Required 3
CS302 Digital Logic Design Required 3
CS304 Object Oriented Programming Required 3
CS401 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming Required 3
CS403 Database Management Systems Required 3
MTH603 Numerical Analysis Required 3
Semester NO 3
Course Code Title Type Credit Hours
CS619 Final Project Required 6
CS501 Advance Computer Architecture Required 3
CS502 Fundamentals of Algorithms Required 3
CS504 Software Engineering - I Required 3
CS610 Computer Network Required 3
CS614 Data Warehousing Required 3
Semester NO 4
Course Code Title Type Credit Hours
CS506 Web Design and Development Required 3
CS604 Operating Systems Required 3
CS605 Software Engineering-II Required 3
CS607 Artificial Intelligence Required 3
CS609 System Programming Required 3


Students are required to complete a project of 6 credit hours in the final year of their Master’s degree program. The choice of the final project is at the student’s discretion. However, consultation with the student advisor is compulsory. Students have to submit a detailed write-up of the project and in some cases may be required to give a presentation.

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Comment by Nyran on October 2, 2014 at 10:09pm
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This app ( maths puzzle ) is based on Maths questions from just arithmetic operations i.e Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. The more you play the more you understand. Your calculations need to be best to become top in your scores in maths puzzle.

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