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Project Domain / Category
Web Application
The aim of this project is to develop a website named as “PhotoGallery” to store and share
collection of photos. The users of PhotoGallery will be able to upload and share their favorite
photos with their friends on PhotoGallery and visitors of this website. Only the registered users
will be able to upload photos on the website. The user’s registration as well as the posts
(photos) for publishing will be approved by the Administrator of the website. There will be
four options to share the Photo(s) on the website:
1. Sharing with Specific Friend
2. Sharing with Everyone
3. Sharing with all Friends
4. Sharing with None (Just to save the photo on the website for personal use only)
The registered user will be able to upload the photos in different categories such as My
Favorite, Flowers, Selfies, Friends and Nature etc. The Registered user will have the facility on
website to send Add Friend Request to any other registered users. There will be proper
interface(s) for registered users to manage add friend requests from different users. The
administrator of the website will have a proper Admin Panel through which he / she will be
able to manage the whole website (approving or rejecting user registration requests, searching
uploaded Photos by different filters, uploading and deleting any photo). There must be user
friendly interfaces and effective navigation scheme in the website.
Functional Requirements:
Following are the key functional requirements of proposed Project:
Sign In and User Registration
There will be three categories of Website users:
o Visitor (Unregistered User)
o Registered User
o Administrator (Admin)
Visitor will be able to just see the Photos uploaded by registered users.
Registered user will have the privileges to upload Photos on the website.
Administrator will be the user of website having all the rights of Photo management as well as
user management. Admin will approve the registration requests from users and posts from
registered users for publishing on the website.
There will be Sign In interface for registered users and Sign Up interface for unregistered
users to register on the website.
4. Email Notification and Verification
An unregistered user will register him/her on the website. On submitting the registration
information an email notification will be sent with a confirmation link to the user’s given email
ID. On confirmation through link, the Admin will approve the registration requests from users.
5. Photos Uploading / Posting
There will be interactive interface(s) to upload Photos on the website. Photos posted by the
registered users will be verified /approved by the Admin for publishing on the website.
6. Making Friends through Website
The website will allow the registered users to make other registered users their friends. For
this, a user will send request through proper interface, available on the website. The user
receiving the friend request will have the rights to approve or reject the friend request.
7. Search System on Website
Searching Photos:
Admin and registered users will be able to search Photos by different filters such as:
o Date of Posting
o Friend Name
o Photo Title
o Photo Category
Admin will also be able to search Photos by user ID.
Visitor user will also be able to search the photos (shared with every one) through following
o Photo Title
o Photo Category
Searching Registered Users:
Administrator and Registered users will be able to search other registered users by different
filters such as:
o User Names
o Cities
o Educational Institute
Admin will also be able to search registered user by user ID.
8. Photo’s View
The Photos published on the website should be displayed in grid view. There should be
maximum 5 Photos in one row of grid. On click, the photo should be opened in full view.
9. Likes / Dislikes against a Photo
Administrator and the registered users (friends) will have the facility of liking and disliking
any photo by clicking the suitable related icon given on the interface. The website will count
and display the number of likes and dislikes against each photo.
Java, HTML, PHP, ASP.Net, SQL Server, MySQL


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