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Project Domain / Category
Web Programming
Abstract / Introduction
Now a day’s people use mobile devices and mobile phones. People use these gadgets for
calling, as a calendar, planner and organizer. Mobile phones with GPS facility are also used to
find paths in navigation. The main idea of this project is to design the system that will run on
mobile phones, which will be helpful when visiting some new places. The proposed mobile
tourist guide design consists of two steps, the first step is designing a web site that allows the
user to navigate a web site, discover the locations and the interesting points before the real
visit. The second step is designing the mobile applications. When the user visits the web site,
selects the points that he wants to visit and specifies some preferences such as the visit
duration, the mobile model, and the language, then the information about these locations are
kept over the user space and an application is being built. The application must be now
installed in his mobile phone. The user runs the application while visiting. Tourist can access
the information from a simple interface or the information about any location is displayed
without the user intervention according the GPS positioning system, where the matching is
done between the GPS coordination and the GPS dimensions stored for each location over the
device. If so, the information about this location is displayed. The system is designed to allow
tourist to work in on-line from the web site or off-line mode from the installed application over
the mobile device.
Functional Requirements:
Provide a bulleted list of functional requirements
1. The web site allows the user to register and provide his preferences.
2. The user can also access the information without registering [as visitor]
3. The database contains all the desired information about locations and users.
4. Admin rights allow users to add new data or update existing data in the database.
5. The web service is built to provide services for users who install the application over
their mobile device. The user can access the information from the local storage in case
of offline or update the local storage with information from the server on online case.
This component helps the user to build an application in his mobile device to be used in
case of disconnection or under the user demand.
Php, C#, Java, XML My SQL


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