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Project Domain / Category
Web Application
Abstract / Introduction
A healthy diet is incomplete if you do not include fruits and vegetables in it. They provide our
body with essential nutrients that boosts our immunity and protects us against chronic
diseases. Fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber, they are
also low on calories, which is perfect for your waistline. They make any dish delicious with their
vibrant colors, appetizing fragrances and fresh flavors. Juices, smoothies, salads, and sabzi are
ideal diet choices for all people. However, in our daily hectic schedule of demanding working
hours and grueling traffic snarls we don't find any time to go out grocery shopping. This results
in consumption of unhealthy and greasy foods that is detrimental to our health. When our
body is deprived of healthy foods our immunity weakens and this leads to we becoming
susceptible to dangerous diseases.
To facilitate people in home there is a need to build an online zabzi phal store. It is an easy and
affordable option to enjoy fruits and vegetables delivered right at your doorstep. This portal is
designed specially catering to working people who find it difficult to commute after long hours
and shop in crowded markets.
Through Internet, customer and business owner can communicate with each other; give
suggestions, orders and place complaints. In this project, we will build user friendly website in
order to buy products online.
• Login process to allow authentic user to access the admin panel.
• Admin will be able add the list of categories such as fresh fruits, vegetables and salads.
Admin will then add the list of items for each category. Items can be added based on
their name, prices, and pictures of products. Admin can also update and delete the
categories and items.
• Admin will be able to add/update/delete information about promotions and sales.
• Admin can send SMS to regular customers on any promotion and Sale.
• Admin will be able to view customer’s profile, feedback and reviews.
• Admin will be able to generate Sales Report and profit on monthly basis.
• Admin will confirm the order through SMS.
• Payment receipt is also generated for customer record as well as for admin.
• Customers will get them registered in this application and then will be able to access the
web site by logging into system.
• Customer can view/search the list of items based on their categories.
• Customer can add the items in their Wish List, also able to edit it as per need.
• Customer can view the feedbacks and reviews of other customers regarding any
• Customers can add the product/item in the Cart and select any of three payment
options Cash on delivery, Payment via Credit Card or online transfer.
• Customer can update and conceal the order.
• Customer can view the Sales and promotions on web site as well as via SMS.
Tools and Languages:
Visual Studio, .NET Framework, C#/Java, SQL Server


Please Contact us at

Mob: 03212225212

Ph: 0515491184


Web: Please Apply Now Here



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