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Project Domain / Category
Web Application
This project is an online furniture shop that allows users to check for different
furniture(s) available at the online store and then purchase online. The project provides a list
of furniture products displayed online in various models and designs. The user may browse
through these products as per categories. If the user likes furniture, he / she may add it to his
shopping cart. Keeping the features of an e-commerce site, online furniture store software
project acts as a central database containing various furniture(s) in stock along with their price
and design. It provides customers online furniture(s) shopping facility from their homes.
A customer can sign up for free, login to his / her account, can browse furniture of his /
her own interest, and can view prices and other details of selected furniture, place furniture
into shopping cart and can select from payment options. User needs to register on the site
before checking out so that he / she can login using same ID Password next time. User can
select any payment option that he / she wish to, like through credit / debit card or cash on
This website project will be developed using ASP.NET as the front end and SQL Server
as a back-end. The SQL database will store information about the furniture(s) and other details.
At checkout time, the items in the shopping cart will be presented as an order to the
customer. At that time, more information will be needed to complete the transaction. Usually,
the customer will be asked to fill a form containing information about shipping address and
other details, and payment information such as credit card number etc. An e- mail notification
will also be sent to the customer as soon as the order is placed.
Functional Requirements:
1. The system shall provide convenient interface for User Registration, Furniture Search
and Payment.
2. A guest user can only view furniture. For any kind of shopping he / she must have to
3. The system shall be capable to generate invoice bill and Customer shall be able to pay it
4. The system shall provide Password Recovery facility through customer email id.
5. The system shall provide different options for sales (10%, 15% and 20%) on various
furniture items.
6. If an item is not available (out of stock), and a customer selects it, he / she should be
shown a message that this item is out of stock. Managing your database efficiently is
required for this task.
7. The customer shall be able to trace his / her order later on. Administrator shall also be
able to trace any order easily.
8. The search interface shall be convenient to search any furniture item.
9. Every order shall be allocated a unique identifier (ORDER_ID) which the user shall be
able to copy to the account’s permanent storage area.
10.Both admin and customer shall have different views. i.e. Administrator View and User
11.Customer shall be able to get notifications on his / her email id.
Tools: .NET Technologies, C#, SQL Server, CSS, IIS


Please Contact us at

Mob: 03212225212

Ph: 0515491184


Web: Please Apply Now Here



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