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Project Domain

Mobile Application


Intelligent e-learning systems intend to improve the quality of e-learning services. This mobile application will get the student’s previous knowledge and its level of learning by using different set of MCQS based questionnaire .After evaluating the student’s abilities and previous knowledge the system will show the contents of the course according to the student’s needs and requirements. First of all the student will select some domain or course in which he is interested.

A test of the related subject will be taken by the student , after getting student’s answer the mobile application will evaluate the student’ status as beginner level , Intermediate Level or Advance Level. The proposed system will save the student’s status in his/her session. After student evaluation process the system will show the context of the subject to the student according to his/her requirements depending upon the previous knowledge. After reading one lecture of the course, a test will be conducted to evaluate the student’s performance. After that new lectures will be appeared to the students according to his/her learning abilities.

Functional Requirements:

✓ Student Login: using his name and password

✓ Student Selects Courses from the drop down list

✓ A set of MCQs based test will be appeared on the screen

✓ Student’s evaluation will be made on the basis of the test result.

✓ Student’s status will be saved in his session as beginner level , intermediate level or advance level

✓ A selected course contents will be displayed on the screen according to the student’s level in the course

✓ After completing one lecture, a test will be conducted to evaluate the student’s performance.

✓ At the end of each test student’s level will be shown on the screen to inform him about his expertise in the subject

✓ Student will also be guided about his weak areas in the subject and suggests him lectures to learn about the selected subject.

✓ “Introduction to Programming” can be taken as a sample course to work on this project.

✓ There should be set of 30 MCQs for each level of student.

✓ MCQs will be categories as beginners level, intermediate level and advance level.
Intelligent Features:

1. Student’s Evaluation: The mobile learning application will evaluate each student's performance from his/her behavior during interacting with the tutoring system in order to determine his or her knowledge, perceptual abilities, and reasoning skills.

2. Instructional Design: On the basis of the student’s behavior and subject knowledge instructions will be given to the student. For example, if a student has been evaluated as a beginner in a particular programming concept, there will be step-by-step demonstrations of the concept or topic will be shown to the student before taking evaluation test. When a student gains expertise, this mobile learning application might decide to present increasingly complex scenarios.

Tools: Android studio


Name: Noureen Hameed Email: Skype id: noureen.uaf
Auto Mart-Online Auto Parts Shop

Project Domain / Category

Web Programming


“Auto Mart-Online Auto Parts Shop” is a website that offers purchase service to the webpage visitors. It offers different variants of a single part. Main categories might include Engine parts and Body parts. Parts will be delivered to the address provided by client during prescribed delivery hours. Payment will be made by cash on delivery.


1. Administrator

2. Buyer

Functional Requirements:


1. User can view the information about parts.
2. Add different parts to the shopping cart.
3. Buyer will have to fill a form for required details needed to confirm the order.
4. A buyer can cancel an order before confirmation or check out from the main page.

5. After collecting parts, a buyer can write feedback on webpage.
1. Updates auto parts information
2. Manages parts repository

3. Generates reports from system
4. Manages categories of parts.


➢ Online payments e.g credit/debit card, online vouchers can be implemented later.

➢ Return policies might be defined as per needed.

[NOTE: Student can add/enhance requirements as per needed.]

WAMP server, PHP, MySQL, HTML editors (Dreamviewer, Notepad++).

Please Contact us at

Mob: 03212225212

Ph: 0515491184


Web: Please Apply Now Here


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