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Assignment No. 02(Graded)
SEMESTER Spring 2016
CS403- Database Management System

Total Marks: 20

Due Date:19/07/2016


Please read the following instructions carefully before solving & submitting assignment:

It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit (zero marks) if:

  • The assignment is submitted after due date.
  • The submitted assignment does NOT open or file is corrupt.
  • The assignment is copied (from other student or ditto copy from handouts or internet).
    • You are supposed to submit your assignment in .doc / Docx format. Any other formats like scan images,                      PDF, Zip, rar, bmp etc will not be accepted.



The objectives of this assignment are,

  • Giving the idea of most commonly used semantic data model for graphical representation of conceptual database design i.e. Entity Relationship Data model. 
  • Giving the idea of entities, attributes, cardinalities and relationship between the entities in the system.
  • Providing an understanding of types of relationships i.e. in how many ways an entity interact with other entity in real world.



For any query about the assignment, contact at



Marks: 20 


Cooking Channel Database System

Food is one of human beings’ favorite obsessions. Most people spend a great deal of time physically and mentally preoccupied with food: we organize and prepare meals, we daydream about what’s for lunch or dinner; we eat.

"We are What We Eat"

As food is a major part of every one’s life so cooking channels are getting so much popularity nowadays. Cooking Channels are television specialty channels that only on air programs about food and cooking.

A number of cooking shows have run for many seasons on channels. Many of the more popular cooking shows have had flamboyant hosts whose unique personalities have made them into celebrities. From recent past, famous chefs are hosting the shows. The organization keeps the records of these shows, name, producer, timing etc along with the detailed information about the hosts. Administrator has full rights on this data as he/she is responsible for maintaining the system.

The channels also store the cooking recipes categories wise. There are categories like Breakfast, Salad Entrees, Soups, Fish, Chicken, Meat, Vegetarian Entrees, Side Salad/Dressings, Side Vegetables, and Desserts. Chefs can enter/edit/delete the recipes. Viewers can view these recipes any time through website. Viewers can also enter their own recipes along with their own record. They can also comment on the recipes of chefs and other people and on shows of the channel. All the users have to register themselves to access the system.

Mr. X wants to open a new cooking channel and has approached you to create a system to store the whole data related to cooking shows and recipes.

Important Note Regarding Assignment No. 02:


This Assignment is the continuation of First Assignment. Take same case study already used in Assignment 01.Apply the techniques and methods given in lectures (7-10) regarding ER Diagram and by utilizing the solution of first assignment uploaded on VULMS in the form of DFD in order to finalize the task of second assignment listed below in task description.

Task Description:


This Assignment is related to Design phase and in this assignment you will focus only on the tasks given below:





You will have to make a final comprehensive ER Diagram of the system showing all entities and their attributes identified in Task 2 of Assignment 1.                                                   (20 Marks)


Drawing Final ER Data Model:

You can use MS Word or MS Visio for drawing the final ER Diagram.



  1. Use Standard UML notations for entities, attributes, relationships and cardinalities used in handouts.
  2. Use Proper naming conventions for entities, attributes and relations as given in handouts.
  3. Copy/Paste your class diagram in your final MS Word (.doc) file if you are using any drawing tool (MS Paint, MS Visio etc).                                                     




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