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Rana Sanaullah is now main part of Government Party PML (N) which has larger no of seats in Punjab as he was first the part of Pakistan People’s Party as he was elected as member of Provincial Assembly in Punjab from People Party in 1990. He is now the minister of Laws in Pakistan in Punjab Assembly but as according to people and citizens he has no sight on this seat as he is more violated of laws in this country and he is considered as corrupt leader of his party because he has many number of corruption charges on him as many evidences are also against him but there is no authority which take action on him so he is mainly involved in illegal Sui-Gas, electricity supply, illegal possession of land.


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Mushahid Ullah is also in most in most corrupt politicians in Pakistan as he is member of senate from Punjab therefore he is also from Government party Pakistan Muslim League (N) as he is member of standing Committee on Science and Technology, Standing Committee on Labor as well as Manpower so he is also member of Standing Committee on ports as well as shipping. But he is also considered as corrupt politician because he has allied top officers of Pakistan and also grabbed lot of money for their personal interest instead this money should be expend on people of Pakistan and their interest but instead of all these he is also corruption free as he has great relation with prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif so he has lot of authority due to PM.



Hanif Abbasi is also in list of most corrupt politicians of Pakistan because he is continuously in this list for more than couple of years as he is a business man as well as also member of National Assembly and also part of Pakistan Muslim League (N) which is in Government. Currently is doing business of Pharmaceutical but in his business he has been charged for misuse of more than 500 kilograms ephedrine along with other partners by Anti-Narcotics Force instead of this he is also involved in many other schemes of Government like Shahbaz Sharif Sasti roti scheme but remained free as he has also support of Government as well.


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Ishaq Dar is a Pakistani Chartered Accountant & a leading financial-cum-economic expert who is currently serving as Federal Finance Minister of Pakistan, as he is also relative of Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif. As according to Rauf Klasra that Ishaq dar is most corrupt politician is Pakistan because in this has most net worth after that of Prime Minister, according to Reports from UAE, Pakistan Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has built himself a business territory, reportedly managed by his two sons Hasnain Dar and Ali Dar. HDS Tower in Cluster F of Jumeirah Lakes Tower is only one of the 34 story buildings that belong to the mighty HDS Group, Several other buildings in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Business Bay and International City, like the HDS Sunstar Towers, are also owned by the millionaire brothers so one of son of Ishaq dar is Son in law of Prime Minister so they have also Bahria Town Office which is also located on HDS buildings.



Shahbaz Sharif is brother of Prime Minister of Pakistan as he is also Chief Minister of Pakistan as he is considered as a most active minister because he is selected continuously second time chief minister of Punjab. As he has also completed his another session from 2008 to 2013 so considered that he is non corrupt person but he is also involved on such activities of corruption as according to reports he is involved in Sasti Roti Scheme therefore from this scheme he has made millions of rupees instead of relief to citizens, as list of his corruption involved in Metro Bus of Lahore and also yellow cab in which he extracted lot of money and be most rich family in Pakistan.


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Fazal ur Rehman is also in the list of most corrupt politicians of Pakistan who is considered as one of most charlatan politician has ever seen even shamelessly started admitting his corruption on media. He is now chairman of Jamiat Ulma E Islam and they are associated with ruling party of country Pakistan Muslim League (N) as Government is considered as most corrupt and why not their associated parties and their chairmen but he denied of any charge of corruption on him. Therefore he is speaking most of his affection on Prime Minister without knowing truth therefore he is criticized by most if the media persons as this person which showed his black mouth at the back his Islamic face, involved in various cases in illegal allotments but didn’t face any charge yet due to support of PM.



Altaf Hussian is also involved in most corruption in his country as he is live in London but running his party from London as his party is MQM as he is considered as most vibrant, vivacious and notorious leader because they are ruling of Karachi more than 25 years and this city is no more developed. So his party is also involved in target killing, fraud as well as many other activities too, as he is not only corrupt politician but often involved in activities to collapse the whole country, even linked with international intelligence agencies to continue unrest in Pakistan so in this favor in past days Indian arms also found from their offices in Karachi so he is accused of many murders, Money Laundering, also many other activities.


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Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani is EX prime mister of Pakistan as he is selected in 2008 as he is also an active member of Pakistan People Party but now he is serving his party as vice-chairman of the central executive committee. As this man is also considered as most corrupt because he has left no stone to collect money from any source as well as authority and also there are many evidences on him but there no action taken against him but Supreme Court of Pakistan disqualified him and asked to go to jail but he was released on jail as but after this he was resigned from Prime Minister Post therefore he is considered as corrupt politician of Country.



Asif Ali Zardari is Husband of EX Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto which was most liked by the people of Pakistan, as he was also president of Pakistan from 2008 to 2013 and only president which has completed his tenure as elected president but he is considered as most corrupt person as he is also arrested in charges of corruption in 1996. in his tenure as a president he has been involved in various illegal activities left untouched by anti-corruption authorities over high relations with top ranked people because of his authority therefore he is now in richest people of Pakistan therefore in his tenure country has faced lots of issues of poverty and energy crisis but he has completed his tenure.


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Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is currently Prime Minister of Pakistan as he is also involved currently in panama papers leaks of off Shore companies as he has lots of projects, lands and business which he has hidden from Government instead of these he is also involved in many mega projects from which they extract lot of money which include Jungla Bus means Metro Bus. Instead of these he is also involved in various illegal activities like money laundering, Illegal cash finance facility for sugar mills, Favoring Kohinoor Energy Co, Bribe offered to ANP’s Senator Qazi Muhammad Anwer, Illegally appoint Chairman Central Board of Revenue so he is also considered as corrupt politician of Pakistan which is also richest man of Pakistan which has also lot of money in international banks in name of his servants.


[table caption=”Top 10 Most Corrupt Politician Leaders of Pakistan in 2016″ colwidth=”40|300|40″ colalign=”left|left”]
1, Nawaz Sharif
2, Asif Ali Zardari
3, Yousaf Raza Gilani
4, Altaf Hussain
5, Fazal ur Rehman
6, Shahbaz Sharif
7, Ishaq Dar
8, Hanif Abassi
9, Mushahid Ullah
10, Rana Sanullah

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Jhangir Tareen and aleem khan are  most Honest Politicians Of Pakistan

involved in various cases in illegal allotments but didn’t face any charge yet due to support of PM.

ab tu PM imran khan ha dhekte ha k ab mulana bach sakta ha k ni. i am counting from now. to 2023 


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